Tuesday Tips: Growing a Q-stash!


How do you get so many coupons!? It’s a question I get frequently, so here’s the answer. They are EVERYWHERE! I’ve developed a heightened awareness to coupons, and sometimes you find them without even looking. Check receipts, tickets, flyers, junk mail. There are a ton out there.

More than random collections, there are several ways to consistently obtain mounds of coupons:

  1. The Sunday Paper: This is the best way to collect lots of coupons. Every Sunday, there are 1-4 inserts in the paper full of coupons. On Thursday or Friday, I will post what inserts to expect in this week’s Sunday paper. 99% of these coupons will be manufacturer’s coupons. The general rule of thumb is to buy as many Sunday papers as people in your family. I buy 2 every week. They cost $1.75 at drug stores and gas stations, but frequently go on sale for $0.99 ea. Also, check into a once a week subscription!
  2. The Internet: There are many, many sites that allow you to print coupons – and many high dollar ones! In the coupon world, we call these printables or IPs. Check under the Finding Q’s tab for websites that consistently offer coupons. If you’re looking for a particular brand or item, Google it or check the manufacturer’s website. You can almost always print at least 2 of each coupon by pressing the Back button in your Internet browser and refreshing. Some coupons print better in Firefox and others in Internet Explorer – so if you’re having trouble, try another browser. Most IPs are manufacturer’s coupons, however specific stores also offer their own store coupons (Target, Food Lion, CVS).
  3. Store Flyers: As you walk into and around a store, get into the habit of picking up any store flyers/coupon books available. Publix, for example, puts out a new flyer once or twice a week! There are chock full of (mainly) store coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons.
  4. Peelies/Hangtags/Tearpads/Blinkies/Catalinas: Many items throughout the store will have coupons attached to them (peelies), hanging around them (hangtags), or near them (tearpads). Most grocery stores have little red blinking boxes in the aisles full of coupons (blinkies). Sometimes coupons will print on the bottom or back of your receipt (catalinas). All these are great ways to grow your stash!
  5. Keep your eyes open! Since starting the coupon game, I have found coupons in the most random places. I went to a Preds game last week and there was a coupon on the back of the ticket. I collected all the tickets left after the game and will now get $1 off a Wendy’s purchase for the next 6 months. Not bad! Just keep your eyes open.

I hope this helps as you begin to grow your Q-stash!  Stay tuned next week for tips on Organizing your Q’s.

Have you found coupons in random places? Leave a comment with your find!


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