Shopping Summary: Wrapping up June

I made some somewhat random shopping trips during these past two weeks.  And I probably will make one more by the time Friday hits.  Between being out of town and running errands in between to keep up with life – it’s been a bit crazy to say the least. All that’s running through my head is wedding, classroom, blog, wedding, classroom, blog. So many things to plan for!

So in all of that, I made it to Publix last week for a quick trip.  And I made an even quicker trip to Kroger yesterday to grab 2 newspapers and some random ingredients for my meals this week.  Like I always say – my stockpile is saving our budget, my time, and my tummy!!

Here’s what I bought:

(oh, and the new Publix on Charlotte is ah-may-zing!!)

(2) Juicy Juice, $1.32 ea
(1) Classico prepared pesto, $2.89
(2) Newman’s Own Salsa, $1.00 ea
(2) Kraft Shredded Cheese, $2.99 ea (oops!  I ran out!)
(2) Starbucks Ice Cream, $0.89 ea
(2) Uncle Ben’s Boil in a Bag Rice, $0.14 ea
(2) Eggo Waffles, $0.64 ea
(1) Publix Flour, $2.29 (ran out of this too :()
(2) Quattro Razors, 3 count, $1.49 ea
(1 lb) Green Beans, $0.99 lb
(1.5 lbs) Bananas, $0.59 lb
(1) Nature’s Own Bread, $1.42 ea
(1 gallon) Milk
-$5.00/30 Publix Coupon

Before Sales and Coupons: $66.73
Total OOP: $26.86
Percent Savings: 59.8%


(2) Newspapers, $1.00 ea
(1 lb) Strawberries, $1.89 ea
(2 lb) Bananas, $0.39 lb
(1) Parmesan Cheese, $2.48 ea
(4 oz) Pimentos, $1.19 ea

Before Sales and Coupons: $10.47
Total OOP: $8.87
Percent Savings: 15.3%

So that wraps up June.  I did spend an extra $70 to complete the Diva Detox (something for me, regardless of budget).  Taking out that week of shopping, I am exactly on par with my $30/week budget.  Boy, I thought it was going to be a lot worse than that with my erratic shopping!  Turned out better than expected!


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