Kroger: June 13 – 19, 2010

Kroger is running another Mix & Match Sale (10 for $10) – but remember, each item will still ring up at $1.00 even if you only buy 1.

At Kroger, remember:

  • These deals are for the Mid-South region (Nashville and Louisville). Prices will vary by location.
  • Kroger doubles coupons $0.50 and under.
  • Make sure you load your loadable coupons. See here for more details.


Raspberries, 6 oz., $2.50 ea
Blackberries, 6 oz, $2.50 ea
Gold Pineapple, $2.99 ea
White Seedless Grapes, $1.28 lb
Mangoes, $0.77 ea
Watermelon, $0.79 lb
Seedless Watermelon, $3.49 ea (great price)
Organic Strawberries, 16 oz, $2.50 ea (great price!)

Hass Avocados, $1.00 ea
Kroger Mini Carrots, 1 lb, $1.00 ea
English Cucumbers, $1.00 ea
Red, Yellow, or Orange Sweet Bell Pepper, $1.00 ea
Vine Ripe Slicer Tomatoes, $1.29 lb
Fresh Selections Classic Garden Salad, $1.00 ea
Private Selection Organic Salad Blend, $2.99 ea

Fresh Gourmet Croutons, 5-6.25 oz, $1.00 ea
Ocean Spray Crasins, 6 oz, $1.00 ea


Kroger Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs, $1.99 lb
Perdue Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs, or Whole Fryer, $0.99 lb
Private Selection Angus Shoulder Roast, $2.99 lb
Private Selection Angus Top Sirloin, $5.99 lb
Ribeye Steak, $5.99 lb

Smithfield Lean Generation Boneless Pork Tenderloin, $4.99 lb
Tyson Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast or Tenderloins, 2.5 lb, $6.99 ea

Armour Pepperoni, 3 oz, $1.00 ea
Smithfield Bacon, $2.99 lb
Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat, 6-8 oz, $2.79 ea

Colossal Catfish Fillets, Frozen, $2.99 lb
Kroger or Private Selection Shrimp Ring, B1G1

Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat, 8-9 oz, $2.99 ea
-$1.00/2 Hillshire Farm RP 6/6
-$0.55/1 Hillshire Farm RP 5/23, 6/6
-$0.35/1 Hillshire Farm RP 5/23, 6/6
-$0.55/1 Hillshire Farm Thick Carved Lunchmeat
Final Price: $2.29 ea

The following items are $1.00 ea:

Italian Bread
Kroger Buns or Bread
Kroger English Muffins
Minute Maid Fruit Drinks, 64 oz
RC Soft Drinks, 2 liter
Simply Juice, 13.5 oz
Dole Pineapple, Mandarin Oranges, or Tropical Fruit, 15-20 oz can
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter or Margarine, 7-16 oz
Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream, or Dip
Kroger Jumbo Biscuits
Kroger Frozen Vegetables
Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream, 16 oz
Kroger Cheese Snacks
Kroger Toaster Treats
Wrigley’s Orbit Gum Select Varieties
Snickers, Twix, or M&M’s Candy, 8 pack
Snicks or M&M’s King Size Candy
Brawny Paper Towels, 1 roll
Blistex Lip Balm
Carmex Lip Balm
Arrid Deodorant, 2.6-2.8
Arm&Hammer Essentials or Ultramax Deodorant
Colgate Toothpaste
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, 7.5 oz

SunnyD Punch or Smoothies, 48-64 oz
-$0.25/1 SunnyD SS 5/16
Final Price: $0.50 ea

Life Savers or Creme Savers Candy
-$1.00/2 Lifesavers Mint or Hard Candy
Final Price: $0.50 ea

Hunt’s Pasta Sauce, 26-26.5 oz
-$0.50/2 Hunt’s Pasta Sauce
Final Price: $0.50 ea

Michelina’s Frozen Entree
-$1.00/5 Michelina’s Frozen Entrees SS 5/9
-$1.00/5 Michelina’s Frozen Entrees (2 here)
Final Price: $0.75 ea

Green Giant Vegetables
-$0.50/1 Green Giant Vegetables
-$0.50/1 Green Giant Bagged Vegetables
-$0.50/2 Green Giant Vegetables
Final Price: FREE!

Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue, 4 pack
-$0.50/1 Angel Soft RP 5/23
-$0.50/1 Angel Soft
Final Price: FREE!

Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponge, 1 count
-$1.00/2 Scotch Brite
Final Price: $0.50 ea

Carefree Pantiliners, 22 count
-$1.00/1 Carefree SS 4/25
B1G1 Carefree 22 count wyb Carefre 38 count RP 3/28
Final Price: FREE!

Dial or Coast Soap, 2 bars
-$0.35/1 Dial Bar Pack RP 6/13
Final Price: $0.30 ea

Right Guard Deodorant, 2.8-3 oz
FREE Right Guard Deodorant wyb Dial for Men Body Wash RP 6/13

Other Deals:

Thomas’ English Muffins, 6 count, B1G1
Kroger Milk, $2.49 per gallon
Kroger Cheese, bar or shredded, $2.99 ea

Kroger Frozen Treats, $1.99 ea

Pepsi Soft Drinks, 8 pack bottles, $3.33 ea
Pepsi Soft Drinks, 6 pack bottles, $1.99 ea
Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade, 32 oz, $1.25 ea
Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz bar, $1.25 ea
Kool-Aid Drink Mix, 2 qt, $0.15 ea
Lay’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, $1.98 ea

Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, 64 oz, $2.50 ea
-$0.55/1 Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice RP 5/2
-41.00/1 Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice RP 5/2
Final Price: $1.50

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, 32 oz, $1.99 ea
-$1.00/1 Blue Diamond Almondmilk SS 5/23
-$0.55/1 Blue Diamond Almondmilk blinkie
Final Price: $0.99 ea

Sobe Juice, Tea, or Lifewater, 20 oz, $0.88 ea
B1G1 Sobe Lifewater
Final Price: $0.44 ea

Kraft Cheese, 5-8 oz, $1.99 ea
Kraft Singles, 16 count, $1.99 ea
-$1.00/1 Kraft Deli Deluxe SS 6/13
Final Price: $0.99 (if included)

Post Cereal, $1.50 ea
-$1.00/2 Post Cereal SS 5/16
-$1.00/2 Post Kid’s Cereal SS 5/16
Final Price: $1.00 ea

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, Crescent Rolls, or Grands!, $1.88 ea
-$0.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls Shortcuts eCoupon
-$0.50/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls SS 3/28
-$0.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands Sweet Rolls SS 3/28
-$1.00/2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls SS 3/28
Final Price: Use both for $1.18 ea

DiGiorno or California Pizza Kitchen Pizza, $3.99 ea
-$1.00/1 Digiorno Deep Dish SS 5/16
-$1.00/1 Digiorno Pizza & Breadsticks Kraft Food & Family Mag Summer 2010
Final Price: $2.99 ea

Green Giant Valley Steamers, $1.67 ea
-$0.50/1 Green Giant Steamers
Final Price: $0.67 ea

Lean Cuisine Entree, $1.88 ea
-$1.00/3 Lean Cuisine
-$1.00/5 Lean Cuisine SS 5/2
Final Price: $1.55 ea

Always Pads, 14-24 count, Liners, 34-60, or Tampax, 20 count, $2.99 ea
-$1.00/1 Always Pantiliners PG 6/6
-$1.00/1 Always Pads PG 6/6
-$0.50/1 Always Ultra or Maxi Pads
-$1.00/1 Tampax PG 6/6
-$0.50/1 Tampax
Final Price: $1.99 ea


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