Monday Meals: June 7 – 13, 2010

(Getting a little personal this week :)

We had a fabulous weekend in Ohio watching Mr. Q’s sisters graduate and spending time with his family!  It was quick, but wonderful.  This coming weekend, Mr. Q is off to Boston for a bachelor party.  And the following weekend is our engagement party in New Jersey!  And it doesn’t stop there…  In July, we hit Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois.

And the best news yet… I got a job!!! I went to interview for a position last Thursday morning and less than 2 hours later, the principal called me to offer me the middle school math teaching job.  I’m pumped!  I loved the staff and principal I interviewed with, and though I never thought I’d be teaching middle school or just math, I can’t get over how perfect I think it will be for me.  It’s 20 minutes away from my apartment and I will have 9-11 students on my caseload.  It’s just so amazing how God works for the good of His children.

And lastly… my meal plan is a bit different this week.  I’ve been feeling quite gross/yucky as summer as approached.  I think it’s the hot and sticky weather of Nashville in combination with the constant eating that comes with working from home.  So I’ve decided (after much thought) to participate in a detox of sorts.  I will start on Wednesday at 6pm and end the following Wednesday.

I’m using the Diva Detox plan which incorporates mostly fruits and greens.  I’m excited about it and think it’ll be great for my body.  As I usually do, I will continue to cook for Mr. Q (I’m home for the summer, he’s still working) – but with him out of town this weekend, it seems like perfect timing. I am going to do my shopping without much attention to the bill.  I’ve been saving hundreds of dollars a month to build my stockpile.  I’m going to put those savings toward something good for my body and mind this week.

If you would like to join me or want more updates/info about this, let me know!  I’d love to have company :)

Monday: Mashed potato quesdilla, green beans, cantaloupe

Tuesday: Shepherd’s Pie with garlic potatoes, fruit salad

Wednesday: Panera (back to our Wednesday tradition!)

Thursday: Apple Meal for Miss Q (Stuffed Peppers and Rice for Mr. Q)

Friday: Green Action Smoothie, Banana Milkshake (Mr. Q in Boston)

Saturday: Gazpacho (Mr. Q in Boston)

Sunday: Arugula Salad with Blueberry Dressing (Mr. Q in Boston)


Yogurt and granola
Cereal and milk, banana
Oatmeal, strawberries
Green Smoothies
Fruit Salads


Turkey sandwiches, apple, carrots, yogurt
Tuna Salad and crackers
Green Smoothies
Fruit Milkshakes
Lettuce Roll-ups

What’s for dinner at your place this week?


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