A Single Suggestion: Scope out the stores!

When I first moved to Nashville, the only grocery store I had heard of before was Kroger.  So that’s where I went… always.  Then I discovered Harris Teeter that was right around the corner.  Then a new Publix opened up just down the road.  Now, I’ve been to smaller convenience stores in the area, and just recently I’ve discovered Aldi.  Shopping around has made for some great deals and new finds.

So here’s my suggestion…

:: Scope out all the stores in your town.  Don’t just limit yourself to the one you “always go to.”

:: Do some price comparisons on your favorite/always-buy items.

:: Do some quality comparisons on your favorite/always-buy items.

:: Split your shopping up if it’s worth it in cost and in quality! Most people’s hearts sink a little when their “frugal friends” tell them to go to multiple stores, as most of us just don’t have the time.  But the plan I’ve developed recently simplifies this problem.  Two stores a week – no matter what.  I’ll just pick the two stores with the best deals, create one shopping plan, and hit them both at the same time.  With a list, I’m in and out in no time and I never miss my favorite deals.

So drive around town, check out the stores, and decide to try out a new one.  It’ll be worth it!

What are your favorite stores?  Do you go to more than one?


6 Responses to “A Single Suggestion: Scope out the stores!”

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