A Single Suggestion: Freezing Your Meat

Meat has always been one of the biggest expenses in my budget each week.  Nearly every dish I make calls for some kind of it and meat coupons are a rare find!  However, as I continue in the couponing game, I find my meat expenses are decreasing each week.  And here’s why…

– I buy meat only when it’s at a good price and preferably at it’s best price.  (Post coming about good prices for meet in my area!)

– At its best price, I buy a lot of it!  (At least 6-8 servings, usually more.)

– As soon as I get home from the store, I prepare it for freezing:

  • Unwrap the meat from its store packaging.  Leaving it in this plastic often makes the meat rubbery when it thaws.
  • Label several small and large plastic freezer bags with kind of meat and date bought.  This is easier before putting in the meat than after when you have sticky fingers.
  • Put 1-2 pieces in the small freezer bags (enough for how many you usually cook for).
  • Put the smaller bags into a larger freezer bag.  Double bagging cuts down on freezer burn.
  • Put in your freezer.

– Use as needed :)

By freezing large quantities of meat, you always have it on hand and only need to replenish when it’s at its best price.

Pictured above are the 6lbs of chicken I bought from Publix for $1.79 lb!  A great price for chicken.


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