Tuesday Tip: Stack ‘um up!

This week’s tip all about stacking – one of the most useful ways to save the big money! Stacking is when you use more than one coupon per item as your store allows. Here is how this works…

There are three kinds of coupons:

Manufacturer’s Coupons (MF): These are produced by the manufacturer’s of the item and will almost always be labeled “Manufacturer’s Coupon.” The store will get reimbursed by the manufacturer when you use one of these. These are the most common kinds of coupons!

Store Coupons: These are produced by the store (i.e. Publix, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, etc.). These are most often mailed to you or found in the store. Sometimes they do not have a barcode – that’s a sign it’s a store coupon.

Competitor’s Coupons: These are coupons produced by stores other than the one you are shopping at. Every store has a different policy on whether they accept these coupons or not. They will look just like a store coupon. Read these carefully as they often state only one can be used per transaction.

Stacking allows you to use different types of coupons on one item. Rules for stacking:

  • You cannot use more than one manufacturer’s coupon on one item. Same for store and competitor coupons.
  • Most stores will only allow 2-coupon stacking (MF + store or MF + competitor)
  • You cannot use two different competitor coupons (i.e. Target and Food Lion Q’s on bacon at Publix)
  • Both coupons used must be for the item purchased.

Here’s an example of how stacking works:

  • Crispix was on sale at Publix last week for $1.99 ea
  • I had a -$1 coupon from SS 11/8
  • I also printed -$1 Target coupon from the Target website
  • I got a box of Crispix for free stacking 1 MF and 1 Competitor Q

Check with your store about their coupon policies – they will vary greatly on the issue. Here are some that I know of…

Publix: Most stores will allow 2-coupon stacking. It is up to the store what competitor coupons they will accept. Mine happens to accept Target and drug store coupons – however, most do not.

Kroger: My store does not allow stacking, but others do. Most do not accept competitor’s coupons.

Harris Teeter: The storewide policy is that they accept only a MF per item. There is a rarely a HT store coupon anyway.

Target: All Target stores allow the use of 1 MF and 1 Target coupon per item purchased.

CVS: These stores allow stacking of MF and CVS coupons. Plus, you can stack a $/$$ coupon (i.e. $3 off $15 CVS purchase) as long as you don’t go into the negative. On top of that, use ECBs to pay the difference. Check out the CVS scenarios for more ways to do this each week.

Do you know of other stores that allow stacking? Leave a comment to share.


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