Tuesday Tip: Organizing Your Q’s

So now you’ve collected at least some coupons or are well on your way! But now you’re wondering where to put them all while you’re waiting for those items to go on sale. Here are you options (or at least ones that I have used, seen, or read about):

coupon file

Accordion File

  • You can find these inexpensively at grocery stores, Wal-mart, Target, or HERE
  • Clip your coupons, sort them by category, and file them away.

PROS: It’s small and you can take it with you to the store for last minute or clearance items.

CONS: These are small and tend to fill up more quickly than you’d imagine. Also, you’ll have to flip through whole sections to find the coupon you’re looking for. And finally, you’ll have to clip your coupons, so it will take some time.


File your Flyers

    • Buy your Sunday paper and write the date on each insert.
    • File in a convenient place.
    • Use the weekly sale-matchups to make your grocery list. Cut the coupons it suggests as you need them.
    • OPTIONAL: Stapel a list of the coupons in the insert to the outside of the file. Make them out as you use them.

    PROS: You only clip the coupons you’ll use, so that will save you time.

    CONS: You won’t have a real specific idea of what coupons you have. So if you need something not on sale, searching for the coupon will be a pain. Also, you can’t take it with you to the store, so you’ll need to have a precise list when you go to the store to save the big bucks.

    coupon binderBinder Method

      • Buy a binder, dividers, and baseball card sleeves.
      • NOTE: Many buy the zip-around bingers so the Q’s are safe and sound, and there’s a place to store your scissors, etc. I’ve found that normal binders work fine as long as you keep them upright.
      • Label your dividers (see below).
      • Clip your coupons each week and file into the slots. Most coupons fit great, but I have gotten into folding fights with the coupons – but I always win.
      • OPTIONAL: I like to write the expiration date in red on the coupon so I can pull it out soon after it expires.

        PROS: It is super easy to find all your coupons and head to the store. You can take it with you to the store and look like a super awesome “Couponer,” but I prefer to plan ahead and leave it at home.

        CONS: This is quite time-consuming. I usually take about a ½ hour to 1 hour clipping and filing in a week, but it’s great TV/relax time and worth the savings.

        couponboxOther Methods:

          • 3 x 5″ index card boxes
          • Recipe card boxes
          • Some combination
          • Or a system of your very own!
          • Try Google – plenty of great ideas.

            Categories to Organize by once you have your system:

            • Breakfast, Meat, Pasta & Rice, Baking, Condiments, Canned, Snacks & Desserts, Beverages, Frozen, Dairy
            • Teeth, Eyes, Hair, Body, Feminine, Household, Laundry, Cleaning, Paper & Plastic, Medicines
            • Organize by your favorite store’s aisles

              I hope that helps get you started! Let me know if you have any questions.


              4 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Organizing Your Q’s”

              1. 1 Bargain Brown January 16, 2010 at 7:44 pm

                One thing that helps me when I get cut and sort is to categorize and sub categorize.

                Food vs. non food

                hygiene items into men/women hygiene, then to shampoo’s soaps, etc.

                I recently found a scrap-booking photo box that came with multiple envelopes to store photos, I use these to organize my categories and put a category like Pillsbury on the front and inside that I put crescent rolls, grand rolls, etc. same for cereal, I do Kellogg, post, general mills grouped.

                I spent a lot of time and money investing into the baseball card system only to find it was too time consuming, the box system is far more efficient for my needs.

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