Tuesday Tips: All Matchy-Matchy

Tuesday Tips will offer you a variety of strategies and tricks for saving money. For a full walk-through of the couponing process and many more tips and tricks, check out the couponing workshops!

So we’re on to Sale-Coupon Matchups this week… all your burning questions answered:

What are they?

  • Every week, I (& many many others) post sale-coupon match-ups for particular stores (i.e. Publix, Kroger, Harris Teeter, CVS). The items listed are only items on sale. In general, buying items on sale is (way!) cheaper than buying items not on sale.
  • Below each items is a list of coupons out right now for that particular item. Abbreviations and terms you’ll need to know to find these coupons:

    SS = Smart Source, an insert that comes in the Sunday paper
    RP = Red Plum, an insert that comes in the Sunday paper
    PG = Proctor & Gamble, an insert that comes in the Sunday paper
    printable = click and print coupon from online
    tearpad = coupons you find in a store aisle
    booklet = flyers you find in the store with multiple coupons
    blinkie = the red blinking coupon box’s in store aisle
    peelie = coupons that come on the product itself
    hangtag = a coupon that hangs on the product itself

  • Finally, I always list the lowest price you could get the item for with the highest value coupon. This price will be in green.
  • For example (click to make larger):
  • Sale Coupon Match-up

Why are they important?

You want to buy an item at its lowest price, right? The basic principle of the Couponing Game is to buy an sale item with a coupon. There are free items nearly EVERY week and high dollar items for pennies. These match-ups are the key to saving upwards of 90% on your grocery bill! Needless to say… they are mucho importante!

How do I use them?

The easiest way is this:

  • Highlight the match-ups for your store from Miss Q’s website
  • Copy into a blank document
  • Delete the items you don’t need
  • Delete the coupons you don’t have
  • Add other items to fulfill your meal plan for the week
  • Voila! A shopping list!
  • Collect your coupons
  • Head to the store to save the big bucks!

Are you getting the hang of the system? It’s tricky, but once you get going, it’s a breeze and well worth the time in savings. Stay tuned for the next segment on Growing a Q-stash…

Any other burning questions? Leave a comment with your successes and questions.


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